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Politics by Country (Dec. 31st, 2015) by Iori-Komei
Politics by Country (Dec. 31st, 2015)
The above map shows the political positions of the governing parties or coalitions of the world; note that because in many cases explicit ideologies (e.g. Socialism, Social Democracy, Communism etc.) do not all share the exact same positions I have eschewed listing explicit ideologies except in a few specific cases where they fit.

1. In the case of Presidential systems, with a strong president and legislature in cases that differing sides control each (currently Argentina, previously the U.S. when the Senate had a Democratic majority) the two sides striping are shown facing the opposite direction that coalition striping is shown.

2. No Government as a category is split into two groups; countries with on-going Civil Wars and thus no national government (ex. Yemen) and cases where there has been an election in which no party won a majority and no coalition or minority government has been formed (ex. Spain).

3. Non-Ideological represents cases where there are political parties, but said parties do not actually espouse or practice any set ideology or beliefs, usually either being 'Parties of Power' who exist simply to retain power or as figurepieces for undemocratic regimes or cases in liberal democracies where they comprise people who generally agree on one or more specific non-ideological ideas (IE support for a specific infrastructure project, or keeping a certain person out of power) but otherwise having no real ideology.

4. Non-partisan represents cases where political parties are either illegal or where they have simply never become popular or needed.

5. Minority Interests are parties that exist to represent a specific minority group and may or may not have an ideology beyond that; in some cases there are more than party representing the same minority but with actual different ideologies, however in these cases there focus on representing the minority group supersedes any ideology they may espouse for the map.

6. Local Ideologies represent ideologies created in or for a specific country and in which have not become popular or successful outside of the country in question; in the case of this map these are Juche (North Korea) and Mobutism (D.R. Congo).
World Political Systems 2015 by Iori-Komei
World Political Systems 2015
The above map shows the political systems (IE if they're democracies (and what kind), Dictatorships, etc.) of the world as of December 26th, 2015.

Some notes on terminology;

Dominant Party State (ex. South Africa):
A country in which a single party dominates the political system, this can either be due to legitimate popularity or the system being rigged; while it is possible for other parties to win seats and in a few cases quite alot of seats, in these states the Dominant party none the less retains the majority of seats and power.

Two-party state (ex. United States):
A country in which two parties dominate the political system to the point that they are the only parties of power; a third party may win a small amount of seats occasionally, but never anywhere near enough to be influential.

Two Point Five Party State (ex. United Kingdom):
A country in which two parties are the main/primary parties but in which it's possible for a third party to win enough seats to have some bit of influence or on occasion be a member of a coalition with one of the two major parties.

Multi-Party State (ex. France):
A country in which there are many parties that win seats, with it being rare (though not impossible) for any one party to win a majority and in which there are three or more major parties.

Non-Partisan State (ex. Marshall Islands):
A country in which there are no political parties or in which political parties either do not win seats in elections or only win a small amount, with the majority or all members of the legislature being Independents.

Flawed Democracy (ex. Russia):
This is a broad category, with varying levels (ex. Turkey is much less flawed and more free than Zimbabwe, despite both being in this category) that are designated by how the coloring is shown so a country with the Flawed color in-filled is very flawed while one with the color outlining represents one that's only partially so; the definition for Flawed Democracy is based on the political rights of the legal residents/citizens of the country to vote and how free and fair the electoral process is.

Theodemocracy (Iran):
A country in which there are elections, but in which religious tenants and proscriptions are ingrained into the legal system and constitutional order in such a degree that those seeking office must fall within established religious requirements (which does not always require you BE a member of the state religion).


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